Ramblings of a work-at-home mom

Get Started With a To-Do List

I work from home and do confess from time to time I can lose that “motivation” to get started for the day. A practice that I have found most helpful in both my personal and work-at-home life is to write out a to-do list for the week and delegate which items should be done on Monday. I like to complete this task on Sunday afternoon or evening.

I find that a to-do list keeps me centered. My to-do’s will have work and family tasks combined. I always keep my ultimate goal of business growth in mind when creating my to-do list tasks. I try to add a task or 2 every day that is going to keep me centered on my business goals and move me forward to accomplishing them.

I don’t always get every task on the to-do list completed. My life is full of “roll-overs”. Sometimes that task might rollover for days and days! However, putting it down on paper does really seem to keep me centered on what filling my day with activities are the going to be the most productive and fulfilling.


One response

  1. Sarah Dawson

    Works for a lot of people, maybe I should try it, Im so lazy. Lol

    April 3, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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