Ramblings of a work-at-home mom

Discipline, persistency & consistency

Tuesday night while I was on a conference call with a business partner, my little first grader lost her first tooth. How awesome to be right there to catch her excitement! She was so excited to hand me her tooth and it was so cute to see her little toothless smile. Moments like this make it so worthwile to be able to work from home! Their are so many little things that make it wonderful. I love watching my 2 1/2 year old play with her toys while I am literally a few feet away working. I love having coffee with my husband in the middle of the afternoon. I love working for an hour or two and then have the ability to head right into an intense work out. I know I am babbling a little but I just can’t express enough how great your life can be at home with your kids (if that is what you want to do!) I think a lot of people feel working from home is a pipe dream. It doesn’t have to be. It simply takes discipline, persistency and consistency.


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