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30 Days to an Organized Home BootCamp

So Fall is approaching, school has started and I have even spied a couple of wrinkled leaves on the ground. The flowers are drying up and the mornings are certainly cooler. I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I crave organization. It seems Summer is a very “lazy” season for me. My home-business slows a bit as I spend time with the kids and their activities. I sleep in a little and organization in the home seems to take a back seat.

However, as August approaches and the back to school craze begins, my organizational tendencies wake back up! Something about it makes me want to rip apart closets, start new routines and organize! I know I am not alone here so I thought I would try something fun and begin an organization “bootcamp” so to speak.¬†I plan to start it on the 1st of September. It’s not going to be daunting. Just a daily activity to keep our homes organized and ready for Fall. Are you up for the ¬†challenge?

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30 Days to an Organized Home Boot Camp


Little stuff that drives a momma crazy.

Whether you work at home or outside of the home if you have school-aged children, your mornings are hurried, stressed and busy! Today was certainly no exception. This morning my daughter who attends a private catholic school put on some cute blue jeans and a lime green t-shirt. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and kindly told her she needed to put her school uniform on. Dress-down day is tomorrow. She was positive dress down day was today! So, organized momma that I am, went down to the bulletin board, grabbed the school calendar for April and showed her that dress down day was in fact tomorrow, Friday April 29th. She grumbled, told me I was wrong and put a uniform on. We went about our usual busy morning routines.

Well low and behold as I pull up the school drive their they are. Kids wearing blue jeans. For a moment I think I must be crazy. I was certain we read that calendar correctly. I even asked myself IS today Friday? I smiled sheepishly at my daughter and let her know that I would be back with jeans and a t-shirt for her as soon as I could. As it turns out their was a note sent home last week (missed by me) indicating the date change for dress down day.

I am the kind of gal that strives for perfection. I strive to be perfectly organized. I plan my work. I use a to do list. I use my calendar. I strive to clear my desk of clutter. Had I really missed this note? The idea of my missing it drives me crazy! But you know what? This is just the kind of stuff that God uses to remind me (and I need daily reminders apparently) that it’s great to strive for perfect organization, but NEVER should I dare assume that I am perfectly organized.

TIP: Go through your child’s folder daily, right after school if possible. Note any notes with dates on your OWN calendar. Discard notes that are not relevant to you child’s particular class.

Here is a great song I love to share with other moms who let the little things get to them. Let me know if this is you and if it IS rest in the fact you are not alone.

Francesca Battistelli – This Is The Stuff Lyric Video