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I am an April Fool.

I love April Fool’s pranks. As a child my mother played the best April Fool’s jokes on us. She was so good at it that when my baby sister was born on April Fool’s day, we did not believe our mom! We came home from school and cookies and milk were laid out and waiting.  We were informed as were nibbling on our oreos that the baby was coming that day and she was on her way to the hospital. We laughed at her! “Oh good one Mom!” , we exclaimed. Even as she left us with her friend to supervise us while she went to the hospital we thought it was a joke. Well that year she was not fooling. My baby sister Sarah was born.

Today I recollect on those childhood memories and I wonder why I have NOT started an April Fool’s tradition with my own children.  My oldest daughter ( a 1st-grader)  woke up today with a terrible stomach ache. she claimed she could not even get out of bed. I called her school in sick and went about my day, planning our new website  launch with my work-at-home business partners. A couple of hours later it occurred to me that I was likely fooled. My daughter was certainly not sick. She was playing, fighting with her baby sister, carrying on, crafting, just as she would any Saturday or Sunday. She sure fooled me today, but I assure you it won’t happen again.


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