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Plan your work and work that plan!

No good business gets off to a stellar start without a solid plan. In fact if you are hoping that a bank will invest in your business, by giving you a loan, you can be certain you will need a plan in place.

When you make the decision to work a home based business a plan is ESSENTIAL! Before you even get started, you need to consider a few things.

Set some office hours and stick to them. This is imperative. When you work at home you do have the freedom to clock yourself in and out. Nobody else is going to do that for you. Alot of people dream of the day that they can fire thier boss and work for themselves, but the reality is that if you don’t have the discipline to schedule your work then it is going to be slow going for you in building your business. It’s very easy to start a load of dishes before returning to your phone calls. But let’s face it, unless you are in a cleaning service industry, washing dishes will not produce income. Making those phone calls on the otherhand will produce income over time.
Instill belief, followed by eliminating obstacles. One thing I have seen people do time and time again is give up thier business before really trying! That being said, more often than not the reason for the “giving up” is often preceded by a spouse or close family member convincing them that they got involved “in another one of those things…”. Whatever company you are checking out, make sure you do just that! Check them out. Are thier people in this company making the kind of income that you want to make? Has this company got credentials? Does this company involve products and services that you full heartedly believe in? If your answer is yes to those questions then go with your gut and start eliminating obstacles. By the way obstacles are a/k/a excuses. Do you tell yourself “I’m not sure I can do it?” or “I am shy”? If you do this, you must stop. Those are excuses! An excuse is nothing more than a little white lie that we tell ourself, becuase we know that it is something that would be acceptable for others to believe. But make no mistake, its a lie all the same.
To Do Lists to keep you FOCUSED on your goals. This is maybe the most important activity that you can do to improve your life both personally and businesswise. Every night before you go to bed, make yourself a list of tasks that need done the next day. Make sure that at least 2-3 tasks on that list are tasks that are business related income producing activities. Please don’t make your to do list for tomorrow ON tomorrow! Otherwise, what may happen is life, family and any number of unplanned events will take over your day and beforfe you know it, its 10 am and the list has not yet been made. By 10 am I have easily knocked a few things off my list.
Find a Mentor and stick to them like glue. Find someone else in your business that can teach you. My mentor is the person who contacted me concerning the company I work with. Without her education and business knowledge I would have failed FAST!
Education ME. You are likely not an expert in EVERYTHING. Your business will require constant “continuing” education. This could be reading a good leadership book. It could be educating yourself on current marketing trends. Mabye, like I do, you need to learn a thing or 2 about SEO. Constantly stay one step ahead and learn!
Committing yourself to these activities will help you plan your work and then work your plan!